Wednesday, October 23, 2013

16 Barz #8

So for this 16, I went out and bought some yellow UV contacts. I have been wanting to use some contacts in my videos and I figured since I was remixing Tech N9ne and it is getting close to halloween, it would be a perfect time to throw some creepiness into the mix. I also hit up Michael's and got some paint that I wanted to use in the background...It never worked out so I still plan to use it. I bought a neon shirt and my boy Tyler McBride came out and filmed it. Im so glad to have Tyler on my team. He is dedicated, loves Hip-Hop, and has passion for my ideas. We held up 2 black lights and filmed around them. It was hard to figure out but once we got it, we started to come up with more ideas. I hope my people enjoy this video and you should already know...

Its Tully Stockton In This Bitch!
Much Love