Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The Game" Official Video Released

"The Game 2" Official Video Released!

Produced By: Jesse James Martin 

Written, Mixed, & Recorded By: Tully Stockton 
Footage shot in NYC. Edited By JJM & CFMG

Also check out the video on these websites below

Thank you to everyone who has supprted me thus far!
The only thing to do now is keep pushing forward
Thank you for checking it out &

Monday, April 15, 2013

"A Life Collage" Official Video

Tully Stockton "A Life Collage" (1992-2013) Official Video 

Just uploaded a new video. I put a lot of work into finding all of these clips. I hope everyone can enjoy this little collage of my life that I made. I thought it would be creative. It turned out awesome. Thank you to my supporters!

To everyone checking this out. Its much appreciated. Please share!

The Trip To NYC

My Trip To NYC 

Photos By: Jesse James Martin (NYC)

On April 8th, 2013 I took a trip to NYC to meet up with Producer/Recording Artist Jesse James Martin. The 1st day he picked me up from JFK airport & welcomed me kindly into his home.  Introduced me to his people that night & talked over plans of action for the next few days that we would be working together. The 2nd day we went into Brooklyn/Manhattan to film near the city for "The Game 2". we got some really nice shots. The 3rd day we went into Queens & Hit up Flushing Meadows Corona park where we filmed near the glob & shot a couple other spots. The 4th day we got in the final shots near the subway and local stores that were needed to complete the video. HUGE shout out to Jesse for the support and help! 

 The Official Video for "The Game 2"

 Produced & Edited By Jesse James Martin will be OUT SOON! 

Me @ The Brooklyn Bridge

Me & Jesse Filming "The Game 2"

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meeting Raz & Sam

 Meeting Raz Simone & Sam Lachow

Check out their music here!

What an awesome night!

 Popping Champaign with these guys couldn't have been funner.

 I'm blessed to hangout with and be surrounded by the people that I am. 

Me & Raz Simone

Me & Sam Lachow

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Am Tully Stockton Released!

Download "I Am Tully Stockton" Free Today 



I spent almost 2 years working and putting together this mixtape. I just want to thank everyone who has been here supporting me. Especially my family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped in putting this together. Chris Goodwin, Antonio, Raz Simone, Hop, Tori, Nick, Tyler Mcbride, All my close friends, Jesse James Martin, the producers, my parents, my fans, and everyone else involved. If you would like a hardcopy get at me. All my time paid off. Thanks for listening and i hope you get a chance to download! 

The next mixtape will be coming soon! 

-Tully Stockton In This Bitch-