Saturday, May 11, 2013

Official Video "Hardcore" Complete

"Hardcore" Official Video Released


This video means a lot to me. The beat just made me think "Hip-Hop".. I like my music hardcore. Real. & Old School sounding. 

Once I got home from NYC. I got right to work filming this video. Shout out to Tyler McBride. Dude is so down to film we didn't get any sleep! Got two more videos on the way and hopefully Im gonna start to get to work on this EP. The more support the more energy. Feel me? Please share this. I spent 45 hours just editing ALONE. To the right is a picture I snapped of all the clips once zoomed out in the program after I was done editing.

 I Wrote it, Directed it, and Edited it.

Promo Photo

Thanks to my supporters. For real. Much love.

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